QuarkXPress 2017 (Competitive Upgrade)

QuarkXPress 2017 Competitive Upgrade from Adobe Indesign®, Photoshop®, Creative Suite®/Creative Cloud®, CorelDraw®, and Microsoft® Publisher Users), Single User, Mac / Win
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QuarkXPress 2017 (Competitive Upgrade from Adobe InDesign®, Photoshop®, Creative Suite®/Creative Cloud®, CorelDraw®, and Microsoft® Publisher, Capture One Pro, Serif PagePlus Users), Single User, Mac / Win
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Buy QuarkXPress 2017, (Competitive Upgrade from Adobe InDesign®, Photoshop®, Creative Suite®/Creative Cloud®, CorelDraw®, and Microsoft® Publisher, Capture One Pro, Serif PagePlus Users), Single User, Mac / Win

This is a game changer

QuarkXPress 2017  - Software for Mac or Win

The fully-integrated graphic design and layout software for professional print and digital production

QuarkXPress is the leading graphic design and page layout software for creative professionals. It’s used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance in their daily production of print and digital products. Built on a 64-bit architecture with uniquely innovative features, QuarkXPress surpassed the competition as the most modern and efficient design software on the market today.

While continuing to focus on ensuring this is the most reliable and high performance design software, QuarkXPress 2017 offers these five highlights:

  1. Non-deconstructive Image Editing
  2. Column spanning and splitting
  3. Text Shading and Text Stroking
  4. Responsive HTML5 Publications
  5. “Unlimited”* free iOS Single App Creation

And of course there is more. QuarkXPress 2017 is the new version that raises the bar for design and productivity. With non-destructive graphics and image editing directly within your layout, you no longer have to choose between efficiency and output quality – have both. Create responsive HTML5 Publications as well as virtually “unlimited”* single iOS apps, directly from your Desktop application, at no additional cost. And if you love text & typography, QuarkXPress 2017 expands your horizons there too.

What’s more, the team has worked around the clock to implement as many customer ‘wish list’ features as possible. Customers drive our software and our job is to make every QuarkXPress user smarter and faster in their work.

Prefer to own your software rather than being locked into a subscription contract? Then you’ll love that QuarkXPress 2017 will continue to be sold as a perpetual license. Yours for a lifetime and you decide when and if you upgrade. There’s a low-cost upgrade path for existing users and deeply discounted pricing for education and non-profits.

  • QuarkXPress is the right choice for creative individuals who need professional desktop publishing software.
  • QuarkXPress is your one-stop-solution for your daily design and layout work without having to switch to other tools.
  • QuarkXPress is optimized to provide exactly the features creative professionals need to work efficiently; from design, typography, and layout automation through to image effects, vector tools and exporting to a variety of print and digital output formats such as certified PDF/X4, ePUB3 (eBooks), HTML5 Publications (flipbooks, magazines, brochures etc.) and even mobile apps.
  • QuarkXPress brings your ideas to life with simplicity and automation.

GFX Convert To QXP                                    GFX HTML5 Publications

*The app creation functionality is subject to certain restrictions. You may only create applications for your personal use. You will need to create your own Apple Developer ID which is subject to Apple’s terms and conditions. Please see the QuarkXPress End User License Agreement for full details.

What’s new

Here’s the list of all the main new features and improvements included in this comprehensive upgrade:

Typography and Text

  • Text stroking
  • Text shading
  • Column spanning / splitting
  • Non-breaking text attribute
  • Merge text boxes
  • Automatic line between columns
  • Proportional leading
  • Additional smart quotes
  • Smart text linking
  • Word import enhanced
  • Footnotes enhanced

Images and Vectors

  • Non-destructive image editing (adjustments and filters)
  • Transparency blend modes
  • New shape tools
  • More multi-colour gradients
  • Gradients for frames
  • Item format painter

Digital Publishing

  • “Unlimited”* free iOS single apps
  • Adaptive layout conversion
  • Automatic table-of-content creation
  • Responsive HTML5 Publications (multi device output)


  • Adaptive layout conversion
  • Convert to Native Objects enhanced
  • UI enhancements on Mac and Win
  • Cursor key can control increments/decrements
  • List most recent fonts
  • Find/Change enhanced
  • Cross References enhanced
  • Built-in cache cleaner
  • XTensions Manager enhanced
  • Custom blending colour space
  • and more…

PLUS you get:

Bonus #1: 60-day free email support                                                           

Bonus #2: Access to an exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group      

Bonus #3: Advanced Video Tutorial Series from expert Martin Turner

Bonus #4: Cross platform license running on Mac and Win

Bonus #5: Lifetime license - you own the software

QuarkXPress 2017 Minimum System Requirements

  • QuarkXPress 2017 supports the newest three operating systems from both MacOS and Windows
  • Mac : Yosemite (OS X 10.10), El Capitan (OS X 10.11) and Sierra (MacOS 10.12)
  • Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (all 64 bit only, with latest updates)
  • Please note that QuarkXPress 2017 might not work on older operating systems, however these are not supported or tested by Quark.


Contact Mark Wren by Email: mark@cherricomputers.com or Telephone: (07) 5537 8382 or 0416 365 859

QuarkXPress TV: webicon_green Buy QuarkXPress 2017, Upgrade from Adobe Indesign https://www.youtube.com/user/QuarkXPressTV

"Competitive Upgrade" to QuarkXPress 2017 from any version of Adobe InDesign®, Photoshop®, Creative Suite®/Creative Cloud®, CorelDraw®, and Microsoft® Publisher, Capture One Pro, Serif Page Plus Users at QuarkXPress upgrade price.

Buy 2017 Competitive Upgrade Single User AAP Download Mac/Win (from Adobe Indesign and more...) 

Whether you have the respective versions (T&C apply) on 'subscription' or 'perpetual' software.

Existing Serial number and Activation code are required for this upgrade. 

(Available in Update from Previous Version, NFP, Student & Teacher and Government Licensing)

Please contact Cherri International about QVLP & Government Licensing.

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