The choice of Software is crucial in the day to day running of a Business or Company.

Correct choice of Software applications will result in substantial savings and efficient use of time.

Software has been developed for everything and is worth hundreds of $ Billions worldwide.

Cherri International recommend the use of "Industry Standard" Software applications. Industry Standard simply defines Software that has been proven over decades and installed on most Personal or Business PCs. (such as Adobe Acrobat  - Free, Standard or Professional).

This Software has been developed by Vendors, such as ACDSee, Adobe, AVG, Corel, Microsoft, Quark Inc, Trend Micro, Malwarebytes and Winzip.

ACDSee Systems, Adobe, Corel and Quark Inc have been at the forefront of Design, Desktop Publishing, Photographic manipulation for decades. Adobe for instance invented the .pdf (Portable Document Format) which is used globally for email attachments to Commercial Printing. All their Software is reasonably priced, versatile and well supported.

Adobe have a small selection of Perpetual Software titles such as Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, but most of their Software is sold as a Subscription. Corel and QuarkXPress are supplied as Perpetual (ESD or DVD)

We offer Microsoft Office Suites, Operating Systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 10. Software is available as Perpetual (DVD), Subscription, ESD (Electronic Software Download) and Subscription.

Linux is an alternative to PC and Mac. Linux includes over 75,000 Software titles, Free to install and use. Linux is available in a myriad of versions. Linux is classed as "Open Source" Software. Cherri International build and offer a selection of Linux PCs with Linux Mint 18 installed.

Maintenance and File Security is amongst the most important issues to address on any Computer equipment. We use and recommend Trend Micro Maximum Security for your PC/Mac/iOS or Smartphone. Trend Micro controls the largest market share in Virus Protection. Malwarebytes compliments Trend Micro as a backup solution. Business can not afford to have their Security compromised.

Corel Winzip has been an integral Software program for decades. Winzip is available as a Free Download as well as a Standard and Professional edition. Winzip allows safe compression of huge Files, Folders and Photographs to be attached to an email. Encryption can be carried out as well.

Cherri International generally supply AVG PC Tune Up to our Windows based Computer builds. AVG keeps your PC running at peak efficiency, again saving the threat of downtime.

Cherri International will not supply any product that we do not, or would not use ourselves.

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